Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Birthday cards and bad photos

So i appparently need to work on photographing cards and such. This is BAD bad bad. But hopefully it's enough to get an idea accross.

I always make my baby's birthday cards, and this year we're going to do a pool party. I stole the basic idea from a Martha Magazine. I do like mine better though. In the one pic, you can see the whole card, but the second pic has better color representation. It was hard to not get a glare from the transparency film that I printed the text on.

Heather had a new circle cutter that made this very easy. I think that the hardest part was printing on the transparency. You DO have to buy the ones that are FOR ink jet printers, or else it really won't dry. OOoooh ooooooh, a great tip today. There is a setting when printing that is for faster drying ink. I had no idea. A random remark fromt the nice ladies at Archivers led me to it. I am the least patient person in the universe, so even if it's not a time crunch i am always going to use it. It was in the print properties. A little slider bar. Dry faster, or dry slower. (why would we want it to take longer?) I'm gonna try it and see if it works for printing photos too.


Pat said...

Such a cool card! You did a great job! And thanks for the tip about the settings on the printer - will definitely have to check that out.

Heather said...

It's too cute. Yours IS cuter than the Martha one for sure!

I'll be curious to see how your photos print on that setting. I'm wary. *wink*

CraftyEngineer said...

This is so cute! I can't wait to get my hands on that circle cutter! :)